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Resetting card payment limit on Pay & Go

Hi thar.


When trying to top-up my Pay & Go sim balance over the phone (or using the web) using my debit card, i get the message that O2 are unable to process the payment because credit/debit cards are limited to being used to top-up only 2 mobile numbers. It is true that i have used this card to top-up 2 sim cards, but one of those cards is now no longer in use, as i have a new sim entirely (switched to an iphone sim from a standard one).


I was wondering if anyone knows if it is possible to reset the 2 numbers that i am limited to topping up using my debit card?


Its quite a strange thing to limit really, i literally want to hand O2 money and they won't let me Smiley Happy


Thanks for any advice.

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Re: Resetting card payment limit on Pay & Go

The only way to change the registered mobile numbers is to contact customer service and remove the number not in use.


You can normally top up through your banks online site or mobile apps without falling foul of the 2 number per card limit. You can also top up at most ATM without having to worry how many numbers your card has topped up.