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Recycled phone not received payment

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Hello O2,


As O2 is not taking any calls due to staff shortages because of the virus outbreak which is perfectly understanble.


I recycled my phone in-store on the 18th March 2020 and I was told by the staff that the money would be put into my account within 5 - 10 working days from the point that my phone was put on the system to be recycled. Which is fine, but 5 days was up on the 25 and10 days will up on 31st.


This is already beem put on your system and I haven't received anything and if I don't receive anything by Tuesday then you have not fulfilled your agreement with the customer. In not bothered about the money, but when I'm told that this is now on the system and a transfer of funds will automatically be put into your account you take that as face value. Can you see where I am going with this.


I have checked my bank Acc and there has been no transfers into my account for the amount agreed nor has there been any money gone into my account within this time period. And I have checked and double checked there hasn't been anything.


I won't hold my breathe for a reply because I probably won't get one.

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Re: Recycled phone not received payment

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This is a community forum and NOT O2. We are all customers like yourself.

We hope the money will be transferred eventually but we can't give a date

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Re: Recycled phone not received payment


Also check in your MyO2 as it may have been transferred as an account credit. 

Follow this to recent charges on the old style download bill screen Guide: How do I get to the 'Download Bill' page? 

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