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Porting my number from BT to O2 and its just a nightmare, and no one is helping me!

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I have a BT pay monthly contract, SIM only, and I bought an O2 contract, SIM only. I wanted to close my BT plan and port my number to O2, but O2 are just not porting it, and BT wont close my contract until the number is ported, or the number will be lost.


I've tried 3 times on the phone to O2. I've received a PAC code on 2/3 different occasions, and given this to O2 to port over. Each time, they tell me that there is a soft hold on the number, and that they cannot port it, so instead they will send this to their back office tea who will do this.


Each time, nothing happens. My BT sim is still in my phone, with my number. I have called BT about this, who have said there is no such hold on the number, and that I just need to give O2 my PAC code and the number will be transferred.


What is going on?!?! I have two contracts but I only want one, and I just wanted to keep my phone number! Its been 2 weeks since the last time I called O2 and the guy I spoke to reassured me that this time the port would work, and that if it didn't he would personally call me back, which he hasn't!


Can someone please help me? I've been trying to get my number ported since NOVEMBER 2023!

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If there is any sort of hold on a PAC code that means that the donating network, wont release the number and for BT this means EE wont release it as they own the Number range, this also means you need to wait for BT/EE to get back to o2, and they are a not the quickest with the MVNO side..  

All i can recommend is to keep nagging both o2 and BT and get BT to pass it to their porting team to fix...

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