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Planned network upgrades

Hi!  Bit of a long shot but is anybody in the Corby area? 


I got a text two weeks ago saying my signal would come and go today due to essential work being carried out in the area.  That's fine but I remembered I got a text last week saying the same thing, that there would be work carried out one day next week but I deleted the text by accident and I need to know which day it's going to be! 


Did anybody else get the same text and weren't stupid enough to delete?  I tried asking O2 Guru but they said there was nothing on my account about it and they couldn't check anywhere else for the information!

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Re: Planned network upgrades

Best bet is to use the network status checker and/or the my network app.
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Re: Planned network upgrades

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Hi @SD1987 

According to this, normal service should be resumed on the 2nd August by 8pm




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Re: Planned network upgrades

Hey @SD1987, I hope the info above is what you were after? In case it wasn't, let us know and we'll see if we can find out more for you Smiley Happy


Thanks @gmarkj and @Cleoriff for helping out!

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