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O2 international

Does it cost me to use my phone abroad in America
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Re: O2 international

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As @Bambino has shown, it is dependent on your tariff.


If you aren't eligible for O2 Travel Inclusive, then you can apply for O2 Travel.


O2 Travel is available on Pay Monthly. 120 minutes, 120 texts and data for £4.99 a day.(on the days you use it)


To get O2 Travel if you are pay monthly... then text O2TRAVELto 23336


Best advice is to use Wifi as much as you can. Stay in contact with friends and family via Messenger, Whatsapp or Skype (if they have these apps)

Turn Voicemail off before you travel.



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Re: O2 international

@Jay3 if you need to 100% guarantee the use of data when in the USA we'd suggest using a local SIM card which you can purchase when you arrive there .

Just ensure your phone is unlocked before you travel.


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