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O2 have screwed the pooch on my number transfer

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so already have 2 lines with O2 in my name for my wife and daughter and had my own line with EE. Decided to pre-order the Oppo X5 Pro with O2 as it was cheaper than EE,  had already paid the early termination fee and got my PAC code, now apparently I could have provided this during my pre-order to speed things up buy the agent I dealt with apparently mistakingly informed me I could not provide it at the time and would instead have to wait until my phone arrived and then use the transfer my number page on O2. I received my phone on thursday 24th and immediately processed the request. Received a text the very same night from O2 saying the port would complete the next day (25th) and I should keep my phone off all day until 6pm. I did this and in the meantime my EE number disconnected on the morning off the 25th. Come the evening after 6pm turned my new phone on and no network, tried multiple reboots of phone. Called 02 and was advised it was still at provisioning and would probably sort itself out on Saturday. Apparently this was also bogus information as advised by other O2 colleague these don't process at the weekend. Come Monday I also try multiple reboots until I eventually call O2 and have a very frustrating call with a lady from asia. The call mostly consisted of apologies and nothing she can do at the moment and that it's still stuck in provisioning. She puts in a back office request to push it along bit advised me it could take up to 5 workings days to resolve. In the meantime my EE phone has disconnected, my new phone has no network and I've been without a phone for 4 days. No one can contact me, I can't use online banking, google etc ... Really regretting trying to move my number to O2 right now! And try calling O2 without a mobile and then be asked have you got a mobile we can contact you back on!!!!!!!!!

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I had an issue porting before but found once the team got into the situation is was resolved in about 48 hours. Best bet is to speak to technical support and see if they can chase up. The store I went too and asked sent off a form to a back end team and they were the ones who sorted my issue out. Hope it gets resolved soon for you
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Sounds like something is going on, so I will see if the community support can help get this fixed @martwho .

Can you please see if there is anything you can do @O2megjess @O2Ellie @O2Emma ?

Please note, this is not customer services and we cannot access your account. Do not publish personal details (email, phone number, bank account).

Link to our guide on how to contact them can be found here

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Thank you for the tag @gmarkj  I can have a look in to this an find out what's going on. @martwho I will private message you now to discuss further. 

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