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O2 have ruined my credit rating!!!

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I have been trying to sort this issue for almost two years now and have sent several emails to the credit file referrals team with no response other than an automated response! I have spoken to numerous team members and continue to go around in circles. Today I have been told the credit file referrals address is wrong and have now had to forward the entire email chain to

I have been a customer for 16 years, and for the sake of £30 that was a complete oversight on changing contracts after an address move. @Martin-O2 @Marjo @EmilieT

Please can someone help me sort this out as it is holding up my mortgage application which is time critical.
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The only people that can help are the Credit Referrals Team, but if as you say it is a legitimate missed payment then they wont remove it, you say it is your oversight that caused it. ( I know that's not what you want to hear).

I am in the same boat with Barclays (they even paid me compensation) who refuse to remove the default as they say it is correct at the time..

You can add a notice of correction to your Credit Report. have a look at transunion, experian and equifax on how to do this.

Also not credit file updates are taking between 3 and 12 weeks. So if they do agree to remove it it wont be quick.
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Hi thank you, I was told by the 02 team this default would be removed when I spoke with them on the 14/4/21 as they could clearly see it was an error. The number was ported to EE as it was a contract I’d held for my daughter as she was too young to have her own. I paid the closing balance and we moved house the same month. Apparently during closure an extra balance of £32.00 was generated that we knew nothing about and we had moved so received no correspondence. The ‘debt’ was then sold to the god awful Lowell Group and my first notification of it being in my file was on submission of a mortgage application. I am now remortgaging and this issue has flagged up yet again.

My mortgage company says this is a common issue with telecommunications companies and it should be outlawed as they ruin peoples lives for 6 years for the sake of pennies.

I had another removed by Virgin this year completely that happened due to the same reasons at the same time after moving house. Virgin were fantastic and reported to the credit reference agency and it was removed and the file showing every payment on time within two weeks. I was told by the credit reference agency it is up to the creditors discretion depending on circumstance and is doable as Virgin proved.
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@TheresaV @LukasB could you assist? Many thanks.
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Hey @triage999 I will try to assist here. I will send you a private message on here.

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