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Re: O2 Open - Account Not Found

@kuchipudinitin wrote:

@EmilieT wrote:

@kuchipudinitin That's fantastic news, I'm glad to hear you we managed to get it all sorted in the end - thanks for coming back and updating us as well! smiley

@EmilieTOnce I get the email from O2 Open with the discount code and link on how to add O2 Open discount and I have added,will update O2 Community accordingly..


Thanks Again @EmilieT for all your effort and investing your time in helping me out..I am very much grateful..




Hi Everyone an update about my case and the struggle since 30th Jan about O2 Open and am privileged to get all the help from @EmilieT in sorting this issue. Kudos for @EmilieT and all the support from @Cleoriff.


Last night I was able to apply my O2 Open discount on My O2 Account.. A Big Cheers to O2 Community to all who never gave up on me and supported all through.




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Re: O2 Open - Account Not Found

Pleased to hear it's now  fully working @kuchipudinitin wink

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