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O2 OPEN - Kept showing Old Contract - Now Shows Inelligible

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Hi Anyone


I upgraded roughly the beginning of March from an O2 Refresh tariff and phone, to another O2 Refresh tariff and phone.


I was told about the discount I could get during my call with the sales advisor, who checked and confirmed the company I work for is on the list. He quoted my pricing with the discount included and explained exactly what I needed to do to ensure that I receive the discount.


Since upgrading, I followed the steps to register into the O2 Open part of the website, however it continued to show my old tariff and that I would not be eligible.


I continued to attempt to do this, thinking that there's a delay and eventually it would show the new tariff - bearing in mind the 28 days since upgrade to apply this.

This had not changed and 28 days passed.


I attempted to call a few times, however because of Covid and many companies being on skeleton staff, including O2, I never managed to get through.

I stopped attempting to call, because I feel guilty that this is "not an emergency", but after seeing the last couple bills come through and obviously at the full price, I really want to get this sorted.


I tried chat, but chat is not available. I tried calling again, but can't get through.


I accepted the person's deal, because the price offered with the discount at the time seemed reasonable for what I was receiving.


I don't want to be penalised for the OPEN site not recognising that I'd upgraded, to then say I'm now past the 28 days without even showing the new contract/tarif.

I don't want to be penalised for exceeding the 28 days and not reaching a member of support staff due to the unfortunate events occuring with Covid.


I would love it if someone could help please. I've been a customer for as long as I can remember and reaelly don't feel comfortable at all about this entire situation.




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Hi @lex8P 

In this guide there are numerous numbers to call O2. Guide: Coronavirus Community Help and Support

Best one to try 0800 587 4005.

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