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O2 Mast Down in Paignton and No Fix Insight !!

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Hi all


Please can someone help me.   I work from home as a key worker and my local O2 mast went down several weeks ago (couple of months now) and since then my O2 reception has almost been non-existant.  I just don't get a signal in the property. Its up and down all the time. 


Basically I have to walk outside of the house to try and get a signal and even then its 2G at best (on a good day).


When I keep checking the O2 Service Status for Paignton it keeps extending the date when information will come out when the O2 mast will come back into action.  The latest news now is the 18th July 21 when we will receive another update.  This will be well over 2 months since this all started.


Please please can someone from O2 provide more detailed accurate information on when the O2 mast is likely to be repaired instead of extending the date when news will come out.  I often have to use the phone for work and this O2 mast problem is making my work difficult.


The O2 service status message does say that the other O2 masts in the area have been upgraded to boost the O2 network signal but this unfortunately has made no difference to my location in Paignton.


I know Im  not the only one having O2 network connectivity problems.


Please can someone try and look into this problem and put a message on this forum on when the mast is likely to be repaired so if its going to be another few months then I can make arrangements to possibly use an alternative network if I need to.




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No one from O2 mast repairs will post here. O2 never give timscales for mast repairs as there are so many factors affecting it.

You could download the My Network app and report it through that, then when the mast is fixed you can think about asking for compensation. 

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O2 | Service Status

The above page will keep you in the loop - you can also subscribe to local alerts, so that you'll be forewarned. Look for the big blue "My Network, register here etc." button.

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