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O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

Now to start this thread off I'd like to state that a few weeks ago I posted a thread stating that I wouldn't recommend upgrading with o2 direct unless you wish to pay through the nose, however a few hours after I posted it a moderator DELETED IT,stating that I was advertising a third party and that it was a breach of the community rules - truth hurts!


After going instore (bluewater) I approached an assistant and said that I'd like to upgrade my phone and would like to know what deals are available, without a "hello" or a "good afternoon" I was told very quickly that I may not able to as they didn't always to upgrades instore, however she would have a look for me.


After sitting down we when through the usual security details (DOB, POSTCODE, MOTHERS NAME etc) she then asked me to produced ID to "prove who I said I was".  Throughout the interrogation the only impression i got was that i was wasting her time, she couldn't be bothered and that she had better things to be doing.

she then ran through two very expensive deals and pretty much said, that-was-that take it or leave it. I left it, and the store very quickly.


3 days later i rang up o2 to see what they could offer me, after the young lady in upgrades failed to sell the rip-off "refresh" contracts, she then offered me:-

Samsung Galaxy s4 (the phone i wanted)

£32 per month

600 mins

unlimted texts

750MB data


this was the exact same deal as i was offered in-store, i told them no becuase i could get it from another company for the same price and with a better tariff

i was told that nothing could be done, so i said my goodbyes


i then rang up another company who offered me:

Samsung S4 (in blue)

Unlimited mins/texts

1GB Data

A Free Samsung case

£59 upfront

£27 per month

O2 network


By not upgrading directly with o2 i have saved myself over £60, and got a much better customer experience.


O2 clearly don't give a monkeys about their customers!



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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

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Well you've certainly had an experience !


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It would be fair to say that you have probably met a store employee who was having a bad day, although I'm not saying she should have acted how you say she did, it happens.


You did have an option to stop the conversation with her and seek another employee or leave the store and visit another 02 shop.


Other companies have different margins and can offer better deals than others so as you have found out it pays to do some homework and shop around.


By doing this you have achieved the phone of your choice on the deal that's tempted to re sign a deal, and your still on 02.


The obvious difference is you have had to pay an upfront fee which does kind of cancel the lower tariff benefit you've chosen with the other company but at least its a better data and minutes deal.


How long is the contract for ?

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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

It's sometimes necessary to go through retentions to get a match for a deal from another company, as the customer service staff in sales and upgrades can only offer standard contracts.

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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

Really sorry to hear about your bad experience, ed1crouch. As said, I'd give retention a call and see what they can do.
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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

im have same issue im also leaving 02 for much better deal watch who dissapears from the high street next  02 are offering the worst deals they must be loosing alot of customers calling them is a waste of time , also in store , goodbye 02

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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

Statistics show they are gaining customers though !
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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

Networks lose and gain customers all the time. Churn figures for the next quarter will be interesting but I'm sure that O2 will show an increase in users.

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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

Disgruntled customers always say the same - It's probably been said on here 1000's of times.
Fact is, O2 are still here and with 22 million + customers are unlikely to be going anywhere......
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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Re: O2 Direct upgrades/bad in-store customer service

This situation is unfortunately getting very common.


It seems that O2 and the other networks are ending their agreements with cheaper 3rd party dealers so that more people will go direct and pay a premium.