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Non delivery

I ordered an iPad as an upgrade last Friday, lll going well would be delivered for click and collect on Monday. on Sunday evening I checked tracking and UK mail stated they had returned to sender, yet still said due for delivery on the Monday.

got in touch with live chat, told don't worry it means it's ready for collection so I went to store and they had no record of it! Came away and live chat said they tried to ring UK mail but it wasn't open due to being Sunday. Waited for Monday, still nothing although myo2 says I've upgraded! Live chat now say I have to ring up sales and sort it but because of work I really don't have time to be dealing with ringing around. I just want my iPad!

im now paying for an iPad I don't have and nobody seems to want to help me.

how long will it be until my account shows it's been returned? Has anybody else been through this I'm seriously unhappy with this service.

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Re: Non delivery


You really do need to call not chat. 
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Re: Non delivery

Hi there @Thegreasypig
Sorry to hear you can't get your iPad. Don't use chat call customer services best time to call is early 08.00 am or 08.30 am they answer the call quicker and have more time.
Hope all goes well with o2 customer services and welcome to the o2 community forum.
Best wishes TallTrees ☃️🎅❄☃️🎅❄

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Re: Non delivery

Hi @Thegreasypig , did everything go ok in the end with your iPad delivery since you last posted? Did you manage to speak with customer service as adviced above by @MI5


Echoing @TallTrees to say welcome to the community and don't hesitate to come back if you have any additional questions at any point. Smiley Happy 

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