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New contract

I recently received a phone call from o2 offering me a pay monthly deal and I was hoping someone could contact me again as I was told I would get a call back to confirm the contract but I didn't get the call and I wasn't left a number to call?
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Re: New contract


In order to be 100% certain that the call came from O2 you'd need to call them back yourself.


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Re: New contract

I would be highly (as in, 99.99%) suspicious of any cold call from a company offering me a deal.
Search this forum for M&J - they are a "trusted partner" of o2 that calls customers offering new deals.
Unfortunately they stick true to the principle of if it's too good to be true.
Don't accept anything offered over the phone.
Ask for everything in writing.
Then check it independently yourself.

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Re: New contract

Don’t accept anything from a cold call