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Malicious inhumane treatment resulting in ruin!

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😠I was charged 4a new contract sim which I cancelled within 14 days. Upon ringing I was assured this would be taken care of but whilst in hospital with a seriously ill son, an amount CLOSE 2 but not identical 2 the erroneous charge was CREDITED into my bank a/c WITHOUT NOTICE! the first I knew about it was when I received debt collection agency letters. I've also had NUMEROUS problems with direct debits being cancelled, making manual payment & restarting the dds only 2 find at the end of month they threaten 2 disconnect me. I ring up 3 CONSECUTIVE months & am assured all is now ok only 2 have it happen AGAIN! Many lengthy & frustrating calls later - as my credit rating has been HALVED by this treatment I put in a complaint & eventually spot the rogue credit & offer 2 settle up immediately (I'm not a thief!) Only 2b told "were letting u off with the amount but will NOT remove the default & black mark from your credit rating!" So I'm not expected 2 repay this amount (as some kind of customer charity - strange as I did NOT owe the amount in the FIRST place & O2's error is the ONLY reason the debt was ever raised - BIG DEAL O2!so very kind of u wen it's NOT in any way my fault! 😠) but the absolute TRAGEDY is that "we're letting u off with the amount (mistakenly credited) but WON'T remove the outstanding debt & black mark from your credit score  Resulting in my credit rating being HALVED. The complaints dept smugly inform me "you'll have 2 take it 2 the ombudsman if not satisfied" and "we have no record of u contacting us 2 resolve this issue! !!!" DISGUSTING!πŸ˜– what do I have 2 do - pull my phone records & PROVE all the times, dates & HOURS spent on the phone 2 customer services for as we all know:
☎PHONE CALLS ARE MONITORED & RECORDED 4 SAFETY & TRAINING PURPOSES!😑 - yes YOUR purposes - covering your backs & preventing u from being accountable at all! Whilst researching the issue I found there 2b a massive 54 PAGES of complaints on the same subject - ON YOUR OWN WEBSITE! it's about time somebody did something about u O2 - ur a law unto yourself (so u think!) & your actions (DELIBERATELY malicious in my case) are causing untold unnecessary distress & financial hardship but you remain untouchable - hiding behind your large corporate status, utter lack of accountability & complete & total disregard 4 customers welfare OR rights. I have been too sick with many varied problems & beset with terrible family pressures 2 pursue the matter & clear my name but alarmingly, when I now come 2 start official complaints I cannot access ANY account details or previous correspondence (old computer crashed can't find emails) CANT find any old bills nor banking info (errors errors errors) & faced with the prospect of ANOTHER lengthy & bitter difficult struggle 2 get justice I am forced 2 resort 2 trading standards & my MP as I don't feel able 2 gain fair treatment & justice on my own.  I think that if this post goes uncommented by O2 I shall b forced 2 go public & expose what I consider 2b shocking, MALICIOUSLY CRIMINAL behaviour! I shall contact EVERY possible public source (social media, consumer sites ie Money Saving Expert & as MUCH media exposure ie Ripoff Britain) as possible. You CANNOT b allowed 2 "play god" with peoples lives & finances & simply ruin people with flippant disregard! Im unable 2 get a new credit card, any loans or even new phone contract & this is a DIRECT result of your actions.
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Just to make you aware @Anonymous that this is a customer to customer community and O2 will not see your post or respond to it here.

All a bit of a mess and very unfortunate that you have no records as proof of convesations. Have you made a written complaint as that is something you really need to do at this stage and then you have something in writing?

make a complaint.

The email address for them contained in the link above :

Hope you get some sort of resolution.


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Please now follow the escalation procedure with the Ombudsman and let us know the outcome.
I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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