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International charges

I have the o2 international bolt on yet i have still managed to accumulate a bill of £30


i notice the charges were £9.10 for text messeges and the rest on calls


Now while i was away in Turkey i mainley used imessge via wifi, i probably sent 15-20 text messeges maximum which is why i cant see why i have been charged so much


I was told that it would be a 50p connection charge to call from abroad and then it would befree for 60 mins yet i was charged £1.50 connection charge for the 4 calls that were made (3 calls were unsuccesful) and the final call i was charged £16 for? 


can anyone help with this?


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Re: International charges

Hi there.

The 50p connection charge is only valid whilst in Europe. Under O2 travel rules Turkey is not included.

Hope this helps.