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How to manage time on my sons phone

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Is there a way to set the phone so it locks at a certain time. I recently upgraded his phone to an iPhone. I had family link on his old one and could set it from my phone. Unfortunately I'm android and family link doesn't work o. IPhone. Please any advice
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O2 Support
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Hi @Pkarim 

I will try and help Apple iPhone has parental controls built in, if you go to Settings >> Screen Time you can control a number to features on the device:-


  • Downtime - Set a schedule for time away from the screen. During downtime, only apps that you choose to allow and phone calls will be available.

  • App Limits - Set daily time limits for app categories you want to manage. Limits reset every day at midnight.

  • Communication Limits - Limits apply to Phone, FaceTime, Messages and iCloud contacts. Communication to known emergency numbers identified by the network provider is always allowed.

  • Always Allowed - Limit who you can communicate with during downtime. Limits apply to Phone, FaceTime, Messages and iCIoud contacts.

  • Content & Privacy Restrictions - Let you enable and disable App Store Purchases, installing and uninstalling apps plus it gives you range of options to disable and enable different aspects of the device. 

If you wanted access on your device remotely, currently Apple do not offer this facility on an Android device unless you sign up to a third party subscription like Qustodio.

If you have an Apple device then you can setup Family Sharing:-

  1. Open Settings on your device.
  2. Select your name at the top.
  3. Tap Family Sharing.
  4. Choose Screen Time at the bottom to turn it on.
  5. Select your family member.
  6. Tap Turn On Screen Time.

I hope this helps, have a nice afternoon. 

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