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Full 4g signal but no data

In my large 4 fooor office in Glsgow city centre, o2 users get full 4g signal but no data. Both Vodafone and EE are fine so it seems like its purely an o2 issue. We can change down to 3g and it kinda works but we shouldn't need to do this. I’ve tried complaining to customer services but they dont seem interested.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Full 4g signal but no data

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Congestion is a problem in many areas so unless your area is on the map for network upgrades, using 3G is your best bet.
You can download the MyNetwork app and keep reporting it so that o2 are aware but there are no quick fixes unfortunately.


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Re: Full 4g signal but no data

@macdonut Maybe all the people in your large 4 floor office in Glasgow who are O2 customers should all call O2 customer service and tell them that they're thinking of leaving O2. That might get them to be a little bit more interested.Smiley Wink