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Email using 4G

I am using 4G as I don’t have acces to an internet connection but I can neither receive or send emails. Can anyone help please.
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Re: Email using 4G

Hi @Jillyb


This may be a silly question but do you have or have you set up an email account?


What phone are you using, ie iPhone or android?


You need data or wifi for an internet connection. Are you able to use either on your phone?


Need a bit more information, please.

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Re: Email using 4G

Hi @Jillyb

What sort of phone do you have?

Also, has this recently started happening or have you always had problems?

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Re: Email using 4G

@Jillyb Do you have an email account linked to your phone either through the stock email app or your email provider? The 4G connection in your area may not be strong enough to send or receive 

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Re: Email using 4G

If you have an iphone check APN settings as you may have the wrong data bolt on especially if you have recently joined O2, upgraded or changed tariff. You should have an idata bolt on and you would need to check with customer service.

APN Settings are::

idata.o2.co.uk for the idata bolt on

mobile.o2.co.uk for any other

As a temporary measure whichever you have, change it to the other setting.

If you have an android phone check the setting above.

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Re: Email using 4G

Hi @Jillyb, welcome to our community and happy New Year!

Lots of troubleshooting above from our helpful members around your email issue, so it would be great to hear back from you to see how you're getting on. Smiley Happy

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