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Data roaming in the US


I have just been in the US. I found that, although I had an uncapped roaming deal with O2 (which is a really bad deal and not as good as most networks), I could not get a data reception ....in NYC Times Square, JFK Airport, and later, at Baltimore Airport.

Why would that be? Once back in the UK, I was able to get data instantly...so its not the phone.


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Re: Data roaming in the US

O2 throttle the data speeds in o2 travel countries to the point of it being unusable.
It's well known on the forum I'm afraid that a local sim in any o2 travel destination is the only way to get any decent data use.
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Re: Data roaming in the US

@AndyLawrence O2 don't have a 4G roaming agreement with any US network, so even if they weren't throttling the data speeds you'd only get 3G.

Using a local sim would be the only way to go at present, but you'd have to make sure your phone was unlocked, and might not be economical if you weren't going to be there for any length of time. If you were only going for a brief trip you'd be better off just finding free WiFi spots.