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Credit check

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Last Wednesday I ordered an iPhone 15 Pro with a Sim as a monthly contract. They said they'll do a credit check and get back to me in 24 hours. Nobody got back to me until today (6 days later). The email said the credit check was approved and to log onto the O2 website for the next steps. When I logged on, the phone that was in my basket was blacked out and It said the items had expired. I spoke to someone via the chat function and they said to delete the previous phone from my cart and he talked me through getting a new link to order it, which I did. When I tried to checkout and press continue, it said that my credit check was unsuccessful and there was a new order number number.  I've called O2 and had to explain this so many times and been switched from one person to another, and nobody has been able to help, and now business call hours have finished. The last lady I spoke to said either wait 30 days (which I can't do because I need the phone before then) and try again, or to wait until tomorrow to see the outcome of the credit check. ?? But the credit check already said unsuccessful. Can someone help me pLEASE this has been so long and so frustrating

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We are a Customer to Customer Community so can't help with sales


Looks like you should contact the sales team as they can help with that – message them on Social Media if yo can - on Facebook ( , 

 Twitter ( or 

 Instagram (


Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255, free from any phone or landline or via Guide: A Guide to Skype

This is not O2 and we are all customers here similar to yourself and cannot answer account type queries.
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