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Contract ending soon - what to do?

Hey all

I took my 24mth contract out in March 2018 so its due to end soon, I'm on o2 refresh so I pay for the handset and the tariff as 2 separate payments. Next month the handset is paid off.

I dont want to carry on with the tariff contract after the 24th month payment so what do I need to do to make sure o2 dont carry on charging me?

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Re: Contract ending soon - what to do?

@Charl  Once your Refresh contract ends you only pay for the air time, which will continue on a one month rolling contract until you cancel. If you're happy with your phone and don't want to upgrade, you might want to look at a sim only contract, which may offer better air time options than you have now. If you do want a new phone, you can see your upgrade options on your MyO2 page, or call customer service on 202 from your phone and choose the 'Thinking of Leaving' option.

These links should explain everything you need to know about Refresh, but if there's something you don't understand, come back and ask another question.




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Re: Contract ending soon - what to do?


How to cancel your contract here Guide: Cancelling Your Contract if you wish to move network.

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