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Click and Collect delayed

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Hi! Had anyone experienced a delayed click and collect? I was suppose to collect my phone on Tuesday (2nd August) and I haven’t received an email or text saying it arrives in store. I upgraded last Friday (after so many tempts on trying to upgrade on the O2 app saying that the website busy) managed to upgrade from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue. The email states that it going to be expected to be collected on the 2nd as I didn’t get an email I decided to go to the store but the store in my local town was closed due to staff and when I came back to couple of days later to the store that finally open after being closed for two days I asked kindly if someone could check on the order what’s going on with it but but the guy at the front said the same thing that the O2 people on chat told me (that I will receive and email and text etc) not even a sorry for the delay just say that. I been so patient with them but now I’m just slowly loosing that patient. 


Is  there anyone I can go to to solve this issue and at least reassure me? Please don’t recommend me their customer service please. Their customer service is sooo bad and I never experienced this until this year and I been with O2 for 6 years. 

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Nobody here has access to your account, @Gabs678 - if no email has been received yet (check your SPAM folder too!), then it looks like you should contact the sales team as they can help with that – message them on Social Media, links below this post.


Or you can call them on 0800 081 0255. Good luck.


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