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Changing networks%205days%20later%20phone%20is%20still%20not%20working

Has anyone else had problems changing networks to o2 5 days later my phone is still not working

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Re: Changing networks%205days%20later%20phone%20is%20still%20not%20working

Is your old sim still active? Have you tried rebooting the phone with the O2 sim in it?

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Re: Changing networks%205days%20later%20phone%20is%20still%20not%20working

@Chrispearce56  Did you follow the correct porting procedure from your old network?


If you are porting from another Network Mobile Operator to the O2 Network.

Porting your mobile telephone number to the O2 Network is straight forward. 

  1. Ask for a PAC Code from your current Mobile Network Operator and then contact the O2 customer service contact us and they will take care of the rest.
  2. Your current Mobile service provider will let you know whether you have fulfilled any contractual agreement you may have with them.
  3. If you are bringing your own handset with you then ensure it is unlocked to accept all network sim cards.
    If your handset is locked to your current network then you will need to follow their process to request the unlocking process of your phone.
  4. O2 will send you a text message on the day of the transfer to keep you up to date with things. 

Further detailed Instructions are here Keep your mobile number 


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Re: Changing networks%205days%20later%20phone%20is%20still%20not%20working

Any update on your number port @Chrispearce56

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