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Can't receive texts or calls.

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Hi, just recently joined O2, signal and everything was all good, ported my older number Tuesday from ID Mobile to O2. Can't receive any texts or calls anywhere i go. I do have signal, Can call and text people. Spoke to O2 online guru, did all the phone procedures, went along it even though i had done most of what he said. Come to the conclusion that it needed to be access future and should be sorted 24 hours still nothing. i keep switching the phone on and off as said. Whenever i tried to call my number or someone not on O2, it say's this number is unrecognized. 


My problem though began when i changed my phone to google pixel 2 and looking to go even cheaper than ID Mobile and do away with a contract phone. I joined Lebara like a month ago, this is when the exact same problem happen, what is happening now. I spoke numerous times to Lebara they kept saying the port is faulty and caused a crash on there system. It be sorted in 24hours every time i spoke with them. Eventually i had enough and they didn't seem that bothered about fixing it. Went back with ID Mobile on a pay monthly agreement. It does work with them signal but i can't get any when im at home. Thought it maybe the phone faulty and Lebara, i got the google pixel 2 refunded. Got a Iphone 12 instead Iphone , so i tried my mum's o2 sim at mine and the signal was good with O2, so hence i swapped thinking it was Lebara's fault with my number and all my problems would go. Yet i have the exact same problem with O2 since changing my number. So think its my sim and my number the problem. Maybe ID mobile? as my number only seems to work with them. I just don't know what is wrong and how to rectify it. Thanks 

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