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Call Charges to the Isle of man

Can someone please help confirm, once and for all if O2 will charge me for Isle of Man calls, both mobile and landline and also Text messages outside of my current allowance.   This is to call the isle of man, rather than being there and roaming.


I currently do not get charged, however my contract is due an early renewal tomorrow and I am being advised by O2 chat that when i change my Tariff I will have to pay for my calls.   As all my family is located there, unlits very important I get this confirmed before committing to a 2 year contract.


If they cant confirm, i could just get the phone and use my 7 days to return the handset after checking online, but that is just waste everyones time.


Thanks in advance for the help


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Re: Call Charges to the Isle of man

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check out the new t&C here http://www.o2.co.uk/termsandconditions/mobile/our-latest-pay-monthly-tariff-terms



P.s. I have just raised the issue in feedback as the website has not got full information on costs etc


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Re: Call Charges to the Isle of man

Yes, now classed as "abroad" so all calls and texts are chargeable.
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Re: Call Charges to the Isle of man

Its all a bit strange, as I can find on their website that Isle of Man numbers are only charged standard rate.  So on one hand they charge you the same as the uK, on the other they dont include it in your bundle. 


Well a lot of good unlimited calls will give me when most of the people I would actually have a decent length conversation on the phone with live there.  Especailly annoying as they dont seem to include the Isle of Man in any International Dialling deals.


I really really really dislike O2, this has taken 3 weeks to discover....guess  I am jumping ship, if I am gonna pay through the nose for my calls that were previously included in my bundle.

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Re: Call Charges to the Isle of man

It will be interesting to see what the person in the shops says tomorrow.

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I know this is an old topic but I thought I would update...

I know this is an old topic but I thought I would update it as a definitive answer may be of use to other folk.


My other half has always been with O2 specifically so she can call or text relatives in IOM using her inclusive minutes/texts. She does this regularly and continues to do so ( free) up to and including yesterday. It should be noted that certain 'cheaper' partner networks who piggy back on O2 seem to have stopped this though.


If this ever stops then likely O2 will get the heave ho , and I will post here to let folk know.




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Hi   I am considering buying a o2 Sim only monthly contra...



I am considering buying a o2 Sim only monthly contract. I have read a number of threads on this forum which some has given me conflicting information. This may be as T&C have changed over time


I am aware from T&C that calls from my mobile to isle of man mobiles will not be included. However i was wondering if my inclusive minutes/texts as part of the contract, include calling a person with a Isle of man landline and sending texts to Isle of Man Mobiles.


Kind Regards