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Bartering and 02


As anyone had any experience regarding bartering with 02?

Basically my device plan ends in a month, so I could pay this early or just let it end naturally, but I have already bought a second-hand iphone 6s plus, so would only need a Sim plan.

I would only need 500 meg a month, so as I type this as I want to stay with the 02 network the best bet from looking around is Tesco mobile who offer a 12 monthly for £7.50 for 1 gig or giffgaff if I don't want to commit to a contract for £7.50 for 500 meg. 02 have nothing to compare on their website with only a 12 monthly for 500 meg at £10!

So basically assuming I ring up and end up getting through to retention, would they even bother with my minuscule amount. If the likelihood is they won't then I may as well get on with either, sign up and request the PAC! All I know is I have no intention of continuing paying the price plan I am on at the moment of £13.32 for 500 meg when the device plan is paid up or ended!

Just wondered if anyone else had any experience of this.


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Re: Bartering and 02

To give you an idea, I got £2 a month off a similar tariff for 12 months.
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Re: Bartering and 02

Hi @Anonymous In my opinion...if you don't ask you don't get. I don't think you will get anything as O2 have people who will accept whats on offer. Give retentions a call....see what they are prepared to offer.

Others have had a small bonus when they request it...

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Re: Bartering and 02

@Anonymous In case you aren't aware, both Tesco and GiffGaff run on the O2 network.