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 I can't dial out/recieve texts or calls. I received the below email yesterday but it seems so out of the ordinary that I thought it was a scam.

I need functionality restored ASAP as I am recovering from back surgery, and waiting important phonecalls.

3 MayO2: We need a payment on your mobile account


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    13 May at 17:06

    We asked you on  5/5/2022 to make a payment towards your next bill or to spend less. You've now spent £197.60 more than usual (without VAT).

    We've stopped you being able to text, call and receive calls on your mobile. To get back up and running again, you'll need to pay £197.60 which includes any existing overdue charges. You can pay through the My O2 app or go to. . Or you can call 0344 8090202 from another phone.

    Once you've paid, your service should be back to normal within four hours (but it can take up to 24 hours). If you're having trouble, try turning your phone off and on again.

    If you've already paid, or you're now spending less, you don't need to do anything else.


    When we sent this email, all this information was right. Things might have changed since. There are sometimes delays between usage and charges landing on your account.


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Hi @mortonlaura10 - it looks like your bill payments have not been being made (could be a problem with your direct debit, or an issue with the card you use for payments).


You should edit out your details from the email above, this is an open forum and anybody could use them for purposes other than genuine ones.

As you are in hospital, I shall tag in one of the O2 Advisors on duty today, @O2Georgina, to see if they can help get your balance corrected, or at least determine why you were sent the email, and hopefully start the process of getting your phone back onto the network and useable again. Watch out for a reply from her here soon, @mortonlaura10 - good luck, and a speedy recovery.


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Thanks for the tag @pgn 

@mortonlaura10  I will send you a private message now, please be advised that we are not able to process payments and this will need to be done using other routes .

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