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Accidental premium call

Ive just realised I called 0913 666 0338 for five minutes from inside my pocket. It must have been a scammy link in an ad in an app on my iphone.
Now Ive googled it and it says it charges £1/minute, I am pretty scared and would like to know if there is a chance to cancel the charges when they are going to hit?
This number is apparently famous quotes from footballers and other fascinating facts.
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Re: Accidental premium call

Posting here as neither telephone nor live support open yet
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Re: Accidental premium call

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Hi there, good morning.


As you're the one who has made the call, albeit by accident. I'm afraid that you're going to be liable for the charges for that call!


It may seem unfair, and I agree to a certain extent but o2 will have to pay the charges for that call therefor they will charge you.


It's just a matter of how much this mistake will now cost Smiley Sad


I would definitely talk to cs though, u never know u might get lucky, although I very much doubt it.


Sorry it's not better news.



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Re: Accidental premium call

Only customer service can help with this but when speaking to them ask them to add a premium call bar to your account to save any further issues. I suggest speaking to them, should be open now, rather than live chat as they are more flexible.

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Re: Accidental premium call


Scam built into an app.
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Re: Accidental premium call

Hope it gets resolved but next time make sure you don't accidentally click on a premium subscription service
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Re: Accidental premium call

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We have had another post just recently with a mistaken click on a link to this number.....The OP complained to the company (who use the number).......They got their money refunded as I remember.

O2 refused to do anything about it.

According to Phonepayplus this number belongs to Technology Communications. They have a Customer Care Number of 02034550849.  The description of their service is "Recorded Football stars"

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