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Hope Restored

I recently posted (**Personal info**) about how my escape attempt from my current provider to the welcoming and convivial arms of O2 was scuppered by O2 themselves and the fact that they then charged me for it.

My post was the product of both time and frustration and I must admit I didn’t hold out much hope of hearing those hard worked for pennies ever again jangling musically within my pocket.

But I was mistaken for, wandering through this community like a virtual Ronin, was Marjo, the O2 community manager.

After reading my post and displaying an immunity to hyperbole and terrible grammar on a superhuman scale Marjo dropped me a message and asked if I would mind if they passed my details to the O2 Platinum Guru Team to see if there was anything they could do. With nothing to lose and hope in my heart I agreed.

Within the hour my phone buzzed.

I can only guess that they are named ‘Platinum Gurus’ due to the splendour of their armour such was the helpfulness and assistance provided by these noble O2 Knights. My Guru was named Steve and after a few pleasantries he explained what the problem had been and promised the return of my shanghaied pennies.

My previous calls with O2 had been an interminable round of being placed on hold and passed around from operator to operator, with an average call time of 20 minutes (albeit with very likable and friendly operators who seemed to be genuinely trying). But Guru Steve was able to assist me in an impressive 8 minutes.

It is often the case that we are always quick to take to the message boards to vent our frustration and ire when we feel we have been let down or treated unfairly and rightly so.

But we are all too often silent when the representatives of the organisation which has provoked our wrath go out their way to put right a wrong and restore the organisations reputation.

Though it is now unfortunately too late for me to realise my O2 ambition and whilst I haven’t yet received the money back (I was told it would take a maximum of 2 weeks but probably sooner) I have renewed hope that this time O2 won’t let me down.

My thanks and gratitude to Marjo for getting in touch and passing my details onto the Platinum Guru Team and to Guru Steve, for getting calling me so quickly, explaining clearly and concisely what had happened and what would be done and most importantly not putting me on hold!

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Re: Hope Restored

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Glad you're on the way to being sorted.

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Re: Hope Restored

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Re: Hope Restored

Excellent news @Smac79 (and well done @Marjo)

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Re: Hope Restored

This is great to hear @Smac79, glad it turned out well. Let me know if you have any further questions at any point, happy to pass them along but hoping this is resolved now for you. Smiley Happy

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