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5g free bolt on with contract not working and 02 says I've used it

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I got a new contract from carphone warehouse. 5gb + 5gbn free bolt on. The second cycle month of the contract started onyt eh 3rd of the month. I reset my iphone mobile data tracker in the settings menu and checked my app.The my 02 app said my allowance was 5/10gb. weird, where is my 10gb? only 5? after a week or two I checked my balance it said 1.5gb left on the app (5gb - 3.5gb = 1.5gb left) my phone mobile date usage said id used 3.5gb. i called 02 and the automated system said id used 3.5 gb. Ok so somethig wrong. I spoke to 02, and guess what, they said i have used 8.5gb. not right. it seems that not only is my free 5gb not working, 02 also think ive used it. unfortunaly the people you can talk to can only see one system. they say i have used 8.5 and that is that even though, my phone, their app (5 - 3.5 = 1.5 do the math) and their own automated sytem say 3.5gb. i spoke to 3 poeple the last one after 2 call backs said, yes there is a problem, we will look into it, get bak to you in 2 days. no call back. 9 days later I call. Am told there is not problem, I have now used almost all my allowance. am told they will look into it, even though the person on the other end of the phone clearly thinks im either mad or stupid. im neither, im an irrate customer who nobody will listen to. sort it out 02.

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Re: 5g free bolt on with contract not working and 02 says I've used it

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Hi @andynobolton

Your extra data should start automatically.
Check you bolt ons https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Where-is-my-discount-or-Extra-Data/bc-p/1075494

If you don't have the bolt on it's not set up correctly.

Edited to add that O2 won't see your post on here as this is a customer to customer forum so call them again or make a complaint.

All details on this link http://www.o2.co.uk/contactus

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Re: 5g free bolt on with contract not working and 02 says I've used it

Hi @andynobolton, how are you getting on with this? Did you get any further clarification on your data?

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