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4G calling Milton Keynes Not Working



Just noticed that the 4G calling coverage now includes Milton Keynes.

I cannot get it to work, I am shown as being in a well covered area. 4G data signal is fine but the iphone refuses to make a call on 4G. My WiFi calling works well at home, but when away from WiFi, I cannot use 4G calling. Except, I have used 4G calling without problems in London.

O2 have confirmed coverage has been extended to the area and are looking into the issue.


But Has Anyone Else managed to use it in Milton Keynes or adjacent areas?

Level 3: Thinker
Posts: 45
Registered: ‎28-03-2013

Re: 4G calling Milton Keynes Not Working

A bit embarrassed here. My 4G data setting was set to data only, not Voice and data. SOLVED
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Re: 4G calling Milton Keynes Not Working

Hi @Frogger nice to see you back on our forum! Smiley Happy 

No need for embarrassment here, glad to see you got your 4G working and solved the problem in the end. Thanks for coming back to explain what the issue was also - this might help others too in the future if they struggle with the same issue. thumbsup


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