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0800 Reverse to an O2 mobile but no caller ID

All day I have been unlucky to have received about 10 calls from 'No Caller ID' but it's a lady's automated voice saying 0800 reverse and that someone is trying to get in touch. A snippet of his voice is of no on e I know, hence  prob incorrect... or spam. Pressing any number and say "accept" seems to be the only option other than ignoring... however they are noe leving automated voicemails too!
I'n not going to accept due to the huge charge. 
How can I stop this from happening? Or will they, when they realise I have nothing to give, simply move on>? Thanks

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Re: 0800 Reverse to an O2 mobile but no caller ID

http://0800reverse.co.uk/faqs.html Follow advice on blocking your number 

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Re: 0800 Reverse to an O2 mobile but no caller ID

That's great thanks! Will block it (only one option available, as cannot be 'just block one attempt ', as I can't think of anyone in this day and age who would need to use that service to contact us

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Re: 0800 Reverse to an O2 mobile but no caller ID

Thanks for the info @adamtemp64!


@designer_london If you need any further advice on this or anything else, please give us a shout slight smile

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