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Pay and Go hub

Hey everyone, Welcome the to the Pay and Go hub! This thread is a handy index where you can find help and information about the main Pay and Go questions that we see on the community. If you have a question about topping up your balance, setting up a...

Martin-O2 by Community Manager
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FAQs: Pay As You Go

Hi all, welcome to the Pay as You Go board! If you have a PAYG account or are thinking of getting one and have related questions, this is the place you can post your question to and get replies from other customers. Please remember: if your query req...

Marjo by Former Staff
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Resolved! How long until my number expires

Hello, how much time can pass without top up before I lose my number? I am not from the UK and I would not like to lose my number before I come again in 6 months, but I don't need it in the meantime.

Nenad by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Paying a bill

I HAVE TRIED TO PAY MY BILL OVER THE PHONE DIRECT WITH ONE OF THE CUSTOMER SERVICES OPERATORS , I HAVE TRIED THE ONLINE APP AND THE MY O2 site , still havnt been able to pay it wont accept my card even though the card is working perfect with other pa...

Resolved! Moving to another network

I have an O2 PYG sim in a phone I use for work on which work colleagues and the company's customers conact me. I am also a long standing O2 monthly contract customer (25 yrs) with my personal friends/family phone.My boss now wants to supply me with a...

prismatic by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Visual Voicemail activation

Hi, I just got a PAYG SIM in my iPhone 7 (latest IOS update) and have topped it up with 10 quid, it's all working apart from no Visual Voicmail, how do I enable this please?

harrismix by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Payg sim

I have purchased a pay as you go sim today from an 02 store got home and inserted it into my old brick Nokia I use for work and it says insert a valid sim, I know that the phone is not locked to a network could it be it takes 24 hours for connection ...

Path by Level 1: Joiner
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Resolved! Change number from one contract account to another

Hi,I've held the same phone number on my phone for the past 5+ years which my mother always paid for whilst I was young but now I'm older I want to start paying for it myself. I have bought a new phone and sim card last month and have my own separate...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help with tablet

HiUpgraded my contract a free tablet O2 guru said get a payg sim card from us free for it.I have no phone number with this sim he sent me.How do i activate it? It went into the tablet easily but now i am stumped as what to do next Help ple...

Resolved! top up

Put some money on my wife's phone,money taken,but not registered on phone,who do I go to, o2 or the store that did it.

robbo57 by Level 1: Joiner
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