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Voicemail enquiry/Customer Service

This evening, I woke up to find a voicemail message had been left.  I dialled 901 to retrieve it, but the signal wasn't great, and I somehow managed to delete it before I was even able to listen to it.


I phoned 4445 this evening, and spoke to call handler.  I asked him what I could do, and as I thought he confirmed there was nothing he could do.  I asked him if he could tell me who was the last person who called me.  He said he could, providing I could clear security; I was having a little trouble remembering the security question, so he asked me for two phone numbers I've called in the last 3 months.  So far, so good.


He then told me that "oh no he couldn't" as a colleague had just advised him he couldn't because of Data Protection.  He said he could if it was calls I'd made.


I feel a little aggrieved by this.  Although it was my own silly careless fault, I think he made me go through that knowing full well beforehand that he couldn't.  That he was just being a bit cheeky and taking the mickey really, even if he was right in what he told me about Data Protection.


I have a recording of the call anyway.


Can someone clarify whether he was right about the a) Voicemail message, and b) the Data Protection (who last called) please?






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Re: Voicemail enquiry/Customer Service

To be honest I'm not sure why the data protection act would come into it once security had been passed. Sounds a load of old tosh to me when you can simply look into the phone's log for the last caller. Unless it was withheld and then I doubt even O2 would not tell you who it was unless it became a legal matter.

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Re: Voicemail enquiry/Customer Service

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Couldn't your call history show who called you?


As for him being right about data protection... then yes he was if he follows the rules to the limit. (you could be anyone calling from your phone..


Though on one occasion that happened to me, the operator gave me a prompt as to my security question...



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Re: Voicemail enquiry/Customer Service

Nothing in my call history; my voicemail was on, no missed calls or received calls showing.


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Re: Voicemail enquiry/Customer Service

Hey @mjbj and all, I'm a bit late to the party but just wanted to post for clarify - looked at this on my end as well and can confirm that yes incoming data is covered under the data protection act as it's someone else's data. Incoming data can only be supplied to the police and this is for intelligence purposes only. The data that the customer can get is out-going data and any personal data we have on them (but not incoming calls). I hope that helps with the second part of your question at least @mjbj. Smiley Happy


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