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Received less data than advertised

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Good evening! I am a new customer and on Tuesday I loaded my card with the option of £ 30 and instead of 200GB I received 100GB, and on Thursday I went to the store to talk to an employee and she told me to send the DOUBLE message to 2424 and in 24 hours it had to double and it didn't double and since yesterday my internet has started to work hard. What to do, I paid £ 30 for 200GB, not 100GB

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Did you get a reply to your SMS? It can take a while for that DOUBLE to 2424 to work its way through the system, @VladStefan - check in the morning, or call 4445 around 8am and see what O2 CS can see. Good luck!


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You also need to register for the rewards programme.

Top up, double up. Ends 22 June.

£10 min top up for all Big Bundles. Your Big Bundle tariff value is the minimum monthly credit balance or top up required to activate and renew bundle. Bundle will continue to automatically renew on your bundle renewal date if you have sufficient credit. If bundle does not renew or is consumed, standard charges apply. You can switch bundles once a month to take effect from your bundle renewal date. UK calls/texts to standard UK landlines and mobiles and when roaming in our Europe Zone. Special and out of bundle numbers chargeable. Unused credit not refundable.

Get double data and double rewards for up to 3 months on the £10, £15, £20 and £30 Big Bundles (the “Eligible Bundles”), then reverts to standard data and rewards allowance.

Double Data offer: 3 months double data applied automatically for first-time customers purchasing an Eligible Bundle before 22nd June. Existing customers with an Eligible Bundle must text “DOUBLE” to 2424 from their O2 Pay As You Go phone to activate the offer by 22nd June. Double Rewards will then begin from the following month after receipt of the text message for existing customers. Double Rewards for new customers will start from the date they opt-in to O2 Rewards before 22 June.

Double Rewards offer: new and existing customers with an Eligible Bundle must also be opted into the O2 rewards programme by texting REWARDS to 50202 before 22nd June to be eligible for double Rewards for 3 months. Rewards for existing customers will begin from the following month after signing up to the offer.

Your credit balance must be at least the Big Bundle tariff value on your monthly renewal date for 3 consecutive months to renew bundle and benefit from the offer for 3 months. If you switch to a non-eligible Bundle during the 3 months, you will no longer be part of the promotion and will not get the promotional data allowances once your current Bundle has expired. Ends 22nd June 2022.

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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