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Nokia 7 plus

I would like to know if O2 will be adding the Nokia 7 plus smartphone to its Pay-As-You-Go phones in the near future.
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Re: Nokia 7 plus

@Michael5364 You can check here periodically: https://www.o2.co.uk/shop/coming-soon

I will also tag community admin @Chris_K who may know, or you can see if it is available on O2 at Carphone Warehouse. 


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Re: Nokia 7 plus

Sorry for the delay both - @Bambino's tagging me in this convo didn't trigger an email notification for me unfortunately Smiley Sad

On the Nokia 7 Plus, this device was announced at MWC this February and went on pre-order back in May. At the time this wasn't a device O2 decided to range, and unfortunately nothing has changed there I'm afraid. If the Nokia 7 Plus is the only device you're interested in, then you could look to get it on O2 via Carphone Warehouse perhaps.

Alternatively, we do carry a wide range of affordable Android devices on Pay As You Go here that you may be interested in.

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