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Loss of payg network?

I haven't topped up my payg phones (2) for a while and I've found that when I went to top up, there is no network now available on either of them.

Anyone know if there's a way of getting them back on?

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Re: Loss of payg network?

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Hi @allassio

You may find the payg sims have become inactive if you haven't topped up for a while.

You could ring customer services and see if they can be activated. If not you may need new sims



Edited to add ...to keep your sim active

Account needs to be topped up at least every 999 days

At least once every 6 months customer needs to make a chargeable call or send a chargeable message

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Re: Loss of payg network?

@allassio It depends how long it's been since you last used your sims. You have to make a chargeable call or text once every six months and top up once every 999 days. If it's only been a short while outside six months, they might restore your numbers. If longer, the numbers may have been reallocated.


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Re: Loss of payg network?

Good morning @allassio, and welcome to the forum Wave Did you find the information above useful? Please let us know how you get on with this, and if you have any further questions!

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