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Re: E-top-up

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I know you said they don't want to go back in store but these E Top up cards are quite old now. hence they are only available from selected places. (maybe they have a friend who could go instore for them?)

As I said in my second post, they can try customer services....or look at the link I posted about other ways to top up...

I thought they didn’t exist anymore 

@AnonymousThey do, as my grandson got one for his aunt 2 weeks ago. Though they are hard to get as they are a very old way of topping up now.

When they become obsolete I will have to remove them from the top up guide Smiley Wink

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Re: E-top-up

try your local newsagent
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Re: E-top-up

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They picked up an o2 sim with a Big Button phone but alas no Etop-up.


Can't convince them to top-up any other way or get one from an o2 shop. (I would take their phone in to link an e-top up, but they won't let me!)


o2 need to do mystery shopping to see how persuasive the shops really are!


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Re: E-top-up

They need to buy top up voucher