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Top up

Why is my COOP Visa debit card not acceptable for top up on O2?

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Re: Top up


No reason why it shouldn't work but the first top up needs to be done with a voucher.


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Re: Top up


You will probably find it is after you have topped up by a voucher. You will then be able to register the card to top up. Ways to top up here https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/How-to-Top-Up-PAYG/ba-p/1156408

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Re: Top up

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Hi @Geoff. I find using my Visa credit card to top up my daughter's payg phone on the phonevs browser (Chrome) fails, but on Chrome on my laptop it works every time.  Same WiFi, different device. 

If that helps...

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Re: Top up

installed App on tablet and the COOP Debit card was accepted ...... but it now tells me there is a problem with my bank!


i will try topping up with a voucher as suggested and see if that works.


Thanks everyone for your help.