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Duplicate SIM card

I have been using O2 PAYG with an old Doro handset for many years.  There appears to be a possible charging problem with this handset.  I have therefore purchased a more modern Doro handset, unlocked. The original phone has a "mini" SIM but the replacement takes the smaller "micro" SIM as I have been told. It is not clear if I can use the former with the new phone and I don't want to experiment and possibly end up with no phone connection.  I believe that it is possible to request a "duplicate" (micro) SIM from O2 but in present circumstances getting through to Customer Services has not been possible.  I can't see a means of sending this request via email - only FAQ's which don't seem to address this specific issue.  Can anyone help?  Tks. Iain Fergusson

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Re: Duplicate SIM card

Does the sim have a push out in the middle?

sim card.jpg


Everything is taking longer due to the lockdown. Call centres and social distancing means limited staff to handle all the queries. Patience needed I'm afraid.
Other numbers to try
0800 977 7337
0800 587 4005
0800 0901808

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Re: Duplicate SIM card

Hi @Iain2 

Just check the sim and see if there are perforations where you can push the smaller sim out. If so, this can be used in your phone. If not, you have to contact O2 to ask them to send you the sim you require

Guide: How to find help & contact O2 

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Re: Duplicate SIM card

Hi - it looks like I will have to continue efforts to contact Customer Services by phone, either 4445 or the alternative numbers that you have provided . Thanks.