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Classic Pay as You Go - Need travel bolt on but with Data

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Hi, a question for my folks.

They are on a Classic Pay as you go SIM, so no rolling monthly payments. They are travelling to USA/Florida in the summer and need a data connection to receive accommodation updates on route.  Whilst I can see they can add an international bolt-on for calls/text at reduced cost, I can't see that there's any way for them to add a data bolt-on, without moving to another tariff with a bundle which includes 25GB international data.  Can anyone tell me if I'm correct in my thinking or if there is a way to add data for international travel on a Classic PAYG sim, as I've found the O2 website very confusing when it comes to overseas travel. Thank you.

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There is no bolton for the USA on PAYG, you pay the normal rates, and the international bolt-on does not apply to calls made whilst roaming. 

and check this guide as well Guide: Roaming MegaGuide 





So you are stuck, and this applies to all PAYG Tariffs..  

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As @Bambino mentions, your only bet if you need mobile on the go in USA as an O2 PAYG user is to get a US (AT&T or T-Mobile) valid for a month with good data allowance while there (or buy one off Amazon here before you go, have used that trick before so you have data when you land in USA).

The 25GB think is only a European Zone limitation, if you are in a country in Travel Inclusive zone, as PAYG you can use data to your heart's content, @Thermian 

Also note that Classic PAYG as sold by O2 went unsupported several years back: - it is all Big Bundles or Rolling Plans now, but not in the USA.

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