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Bolt on

Hi I am travelling in bali and Thailand, what bolt on is best for data, as I need Google maps badly
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Re: Bolt on

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Hi @garsingtonmatt

You can use O2 Travel for Thailand and Bali

It will cost you £4.99 a day for 120 mins 120 texts and data


To get O2 travel Text O2TRAVEL to 23336.

Best advice is to use Wifi wherever you are. Turn voicemail off before you leave.


If your phone is unlocked you may be better using a local sim


Best of luck and welcome to the forumWelcome


Edited to add: I have just noticed you have posted in the PAYG section. If you are PAYG then you wont be eligible for O2 Travel. You will be paying standard international rates which are extortionate.



You would be better off changing to a 30 day sim only contract. You would be eligible for O2 Travel then




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Re: Bolt on

@garsingtonmatt get a local SIM when you arrive in Thailand as O2 does not have a good reputation for data speed over there.

Get phone unlocked first if necessary https://community.o2.co.uk/t5/How-to-Guides/Unlocking-an-O2-phone-to-use-a-different-SIM-card/ba-p/1...

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Re: Bolt on

Download the maps for offline usage before you go and then you won't have to rely on data. I would hate you to get lost in the jungle wink

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Re: Bolt on

@garsingtonmatt As @jonsie used to live there, he's the best person to advise you as to what you need.