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Scam Call

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I’ve just had a call from after entering my contact details online, saying they were from O2, so I went ahead with the call to get an iPhone 13 Pro Max with unlimited everything, for just £30 a month, which I think is real cheap. Anyways I gave them all my bank details cause I wasn’t fishy about it at first, I got an active card check but it says Telefonica (instead of O2).. so I’m just really on edge now, is Telefonica a scam? The man was talking very fast and wasn’t very formal/professional. I’m worried that it may be a scam? Im also worried that they may take my mobile number and transfer it to another sim/phone or something? I’m currently with Vodafone which I’m happy with. I did receive an email from them confirming my new O2 account, but the email was ( Does anyone have any information or knowledge on this please? Thanks

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Telefonica is o2 (it is the parent company and the Enterprise part of o2 ) and the payment will either show as Telefonica or o2. 


If in doubt call the sales team on 0800 081 0255

O2mail is a legitimate email domain and is a legitimate email address

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We are all customers and dont have access to any o2 accounts

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