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O2 Business Lease mal administration!

Further to O2 letter of the 29/03/2016, received 04/04/2016 and second default notice dated 29/03/2016 and received 04/04/2016 I am writing extremely disappointed with the service I and my business have received from O2 thus far.


January 5th 2016 I was text and emailed from O2 to inform me that my 12 month lease was due to expire on the 10th February and I needed to make arrangements to return the phone 5-7 days prior to the lease expiry.


On receipt of the O2 Lease returning your device leaflet I contacted O2 via the O2 my site (Business) and requested prepaid packaging and details


8/01/2016 - These were received on the 8th January 2016, however on investigating I noticed the return label was not in the pack – I called customer services and was assured this would be sent out and on the 10th January I received the pack again with all the information and a label.


30/01/2016 - The phone was duly packed in its original box with everything (including the SIM) to ensure the condition of the item I also took photos of its condition and working order before delivering to the post office for registered return on the 30th January 2016


3/3/2016 - On the 3rd Of March I received a default notice from O2 informing me I owed £51.56


4/03/2016 - I called customer services on the 4th March 2016 and spoke to Daniel who informed me that I owed this amount as I had been put onto a rolling contract, this was news to me and not anything I had approved or signed up for. The lease had expired, I had returned the goods in good faith and closed the contract, when I asked Daniel why I was paying for something I did not have he did not know and put me through to Laura in another department


4/3/2016 -  Further to my conversation with Laura on 4/3/2016 I enquired as to why are O2 are still charging me for a phone I do not have - part of a business lease which expired on 10th February, that everything was sent back to O2 including the SIM, because that was what I was requested to do by mail, yet O2 keep sending me default notices and requests for payments – The O2 consultant (Laura) said O2 had no records of a call from O2 to explain the Lease termination process and someone should have called to explain my options, and therefore Laura would review the bill to be back dated to 10th February at lease end. I explained I did not request anyone to roll me into any other contract, I had no call to explain options and why was I receiving default notices, especially when I have no phone or SIM, Laura said she would update the records and ensure this was resolved with a final bill for the period to 10th February 2016.


08/03/2016 – received an email to inform me of my latest bill showing a credit balance –

11/03/2016 – received a further bill to show I owed another amount

04/04/2016  - received letter informing me I owed £103.36 and a second default notice for £51.56

05/04/2016 - Have contacted customer complaints, myO2business, Ombudsman and solicitor




  1. I have met my obligations within the terms set by O2 for Business Lease phones
  2. I have endeavoured to resolve this matter by phone and email
  3. O2 have not provided goods or services they are charging for
  4. O2 have at no time contacted me to explain my options regarding the termination of the lease agreement
  5. O2 customer services have failed to resolve this situation as promised by them
  6. Continual submission of unfair default notices affects the standing of my business – unfairly and without cause

O2 Business has been awful and I will not be putting my business contracts through them - If I could terminate my personal contract without penalty I would - so dissapointed with this type and level of service!


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Re: O2 Business Lease mal administration!

Quite disgraceful. You have done everything to fully meet your contractual agreement but no one has seen fit to update the system. 

It's now down to complaints to resolve...

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Re: O2 Business Lease mal administration!

First of all, this is a customer to customer forum, none of O2 management will likely see your post.


This appears, on the face of it, to be the result of yet another of O2's broken business processes.


Only contact with O2 Customer Services will bring a resolution to your problem as it is an account-based problem.

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Re: O2 Business Lease mal administration!

Hi @Anonymous,

I'm Toby, the Head of the O2 Community. Welcome!


It sounds like this has been a frustrating experience! Did you submit an official O2 complaint today? If so, I must respect this process, but if you are still awaiting an answer after their allotted response time, let me know and I'll see if I can help you.

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