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My O2 Business Improvements

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Hello everyone,

We've got some great news to share with our O2 Business customers. Over the months and years, we've had some great feedback and insights from our customers who have been using My O2 Business, and we've listened. That's why we're excited to announce a number of improvements that we're sure will help businesses of all kinds, small and large, which will be going live from tomorrow.

We’ve removed Flash
Bill Analyser no longer uses Flash, making it easier to use and even more secure than ever. Plus, you can now access it from virtually any device.


It’s easier to get things done
Where possible, we’ve improved Bill Analyser’s appearance and simplified it. It’s now quicker and easier for you to download invoices, tag calls as business or personal, create Watchpoints and much more.

Menu options are familiar, but you’ll now find them in the left-hand menu. To make it easy to navigate, items are now grouped under expandable/collapsible headers.

And that’s not all. We’ve also added some useful new buttons:

  • Download invoices simply, by selecting the cloud button.
  • Discover more options in the Actions column by selecting the ellipsis button (three vertical dots).
  • View or download an invoice or report by selecting the bell button, in the top right-hand corner.
  • Move around Bill Analyser by using the back/forward arrows in your browser.

Improved reporting, based on your feedback
We’ve made a large number of improvements to reporting in Bill Analyser, based on what you told us would help you, including:

  • Unbilled Usage Summary report – Select the billing level you want to report on and go to Run Reports. This will show you the most up to date unbilled usage information.
  • My O2 Business user list – You can now download a list of Bill Analyser users, and their permissions, from the User Administration menu. This new feature allows Administrators to efficiently manage access, permissions and Access Points.
  • Connections report – This new report provides a view of all connections on the account, including name, sim number, tariff details, contract dates and more. Choose to download the report or send it by email.
  • Additional subscriber details – When viewing Details at subscription level, contract end date and sim number are now displayed.
  • Account Number and Name – These have now been added to the following existing reports: Highest Spenders (by period and by invoice); Lowest Spenders (by period and by invoice); Zero Usage; Invoice Call Report; Data Usage; Cost Breakdown By Subscription Type; and Usage Summary by Number.
  • Optional non-zipped file format – this new feature will allow you to choose to download or email reports in a non-zipped format. This is useful if employees are not permitted to download zipped files, or if there are email/security policies that prevent zipped attachments being delivered to email recipients. The check box will be set to “Zipped” by default and you can choose a non-zipped file.
  • New Search function – You can now search for the following fields in Bill Analyser: Group Name; Corporate Name; Account Name; Account Number; Phone Number; User Name; Cost Centre; and Customer Reference. You can also search by sim number.
  • Report consistency – a number of minor amendments have been made to existing reports, to standardise them.
  • Data Rollover – it’s now easier to see how your current allowance has been calculated, including anything rolled over from the previous month.


Improvements to the homepage
We’ve also made the following improvements to the Bill Analyser home page:

  • Report flexibility – Choose to run reports based on your account structure in the billing system, or based on a Reporting Structure if you’ve created one.
  • Clear billing summary – View a summary of your current billing information.
  • View latest bill – See the value of your latest bill, and view the bill within two clicks. Just select the cloud button, and then select ‘invoice ready’.
  • Access via quick link – View all invoices and unbilled usage summaries via a link.
  • Default date range – The date range for invoices and reports is now set to the month of your latest invoice.
  • Fixed reporting level – Select a point in the billing system hierarchy and this will be fixed as you move around Bill Analyser, so you won’t need to reselect it.
  • Reporting on new connections – A new slider makes it easy to view the usage and other details of new connections that are yet to be billed.
  • Billing/ Reporting Structure – Account Selection presents the Billing Structure by default, but any Reporting Structures you’ve created will also be available. Use the slider to switch between Billing and Reporting Structures.

General improvements

We’ve made the following improvements to your journey through Bill Analyser:

  • Subscriber-level information – Under Details, we’ve brought together all subscriber-level information. This includes Recent Charges, available allowances, active services, and the newly-included contract end date and sim number.
  • Recent Charges – A new slider lets you toggle quickly between all calls and out-of-allowance calls.
  • Additional search functionality – As well as Bill Analyser’s searching capabilities, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F to search for any text or numeric value on the page. 
  • Record display – Where there are more records than can be displayed at once, use the ‘Load more’ option to display further records.
  • Paging and searching - From the View Invoices menu, you can now search for invoices by options like Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Owner, Due Date and Invoice Total.
  • Accurate historical reporting – Bill Analyser will show an accurate picture of the Billing Structure for the time period you’re reporting on, even if it has subsequently changed.
  • Date range selector – We’ve improved the way date ranges are presented and selected.  It defaults to your latest invoice period, but once you’ve selected a date range, this will remain the same while you’re in Bill Analyser, so you won’t have to reselect it.
  • SMS Messenger – SMB Administrators can now find the free SMS Messenger service under the Administration menu. It is easy to select recipients, including by Billing and Reporting Structures.
  • Pre-populated email address – if you’re setting up a Watchpoint Alert notification, Scheduled Report, Scheduled Invoice or Email Report, your email address will be pre-populated, so you won’t have to type it in.
  • Tagging – Subscribers can now tag usage as personal or business by going to the Invoicing menu. Calls and texts to the same number are now grouped, making the list easier to review.


Additional reporting/analysis improvements

As well as the reporting improvements listed above, we’ve also made the following updates:

  • Analysis screens – To analyse an invoice, just click on the invoice number. Alternatively, you can go to the View Invoices menu, select the Actions column and choose Analysis.
  • Reporting consistency – The way you run reports from the Invoice Analysis and Run Reports screens is now the same. 
  • Invoice access – To access your invoices, go to the View Invoices menu and choose Download. Choose to email or download up to five types of invoice and report. You can also schedule a summary invoice to be emailed to you automatically, by going to the Email Invoices tab.
  • Viewing Watchpoint Alerts – Once you’ve created a Watchpoint, it’s now easier to view the Watchpoint Alert details. Go to the Watchpoint Alerts screen, select the Actions column and choose View.
  • Filter Sets – It’s now easier to create day and time filters to apply to Working Hours Lists. The Filter Sets column selection has also been improved, so that a filter can now be created for an Invoice Call Report, for example.

Well... When we said we have made a number of improvements to My O2 Business, we weren't lying. We hope with these improvements, businesses across the country will find it easier than ever to use the tools and features available to them, and help with with their various reporting and analysis tasks.

If you're a business that has used My O2 Business in the past, let us know what improvements above you're looking forward to most, and please do let us know below how you get on with these changes, and if you encounter any issues or would like to provide our teams with any feedback.

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