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Goes straight to voicemail

I have a samsung 2017, my husband tells me he has called me at certain times and it’s gone straight to voice mail, it shows no missed phone calls whatsoever, how/why is this happening.  It happened this morning, the first I knew I’d been called was the voice mail icon on my home screen.  I do not have do not disturb open.


Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks


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Re: Goes straight to voicemail

You could try disabling voicemail. Check call forwarding is not being sent to voice mail.

If you have a landline try dialling your own number.

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Re: Goes straight to voicemail

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Hi @Lizzylavz 

All you need to know about voicemail is here


You could also lengthen your ringtime here



Best of luck and welcome to the forum Welcome


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Re: Goes straight to voicemail

I would try cleaning your sim card and if the problem persists ,go to your nearest O2 store and ask them to change the sim  They will do it for you there and then  

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Re: Goes straight to voicemail

@Lizzylavz dial ##21# and press send. This will cancel all diverts.

Check again if the call comes through ok or not.

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