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Sending a Spoken Reply to a Text Message

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I am using a Nokia Windows 640Lte (Win 8.1) with a Parrot Bluetooth in my car which has been fully functional for quite a long while. However lately whilst I can make and receive calls all totally handsfree and Text Messages which I can have read out and reply to verbally it will not send them and cuts off after about 10 seconds. Before it used to wait about 10 secs after you had stopped speaking then say it was sending the message. Everything else is working perfectly apart from sending the message. Normal sending/receiving of texts is fine.

Has anyone any ideas how to rectify this at all as it is very inconvenient as I drive and receive quite a lot of texts.

Any assistance/suggestions gratefully received. Thanks in advance.

With Regards.    Dave

PS. For Information :- I have not got Cortana switched on if this is relevant.

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My 640 uses Cortana to read and reply to texts.
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