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Error code 08 Apple Watch Series 8 - no one at o2 can help!

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After signing up with O2 through the Apple watch App for Mobile Services, the app just constantly had spinning circles waiting for o2 to complete the service. I have now spoken to 4 or 5 different people at O2 and 3 of them have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, they don't seem to understand that an apple watch has it's own sim and can be set up on the O2 network.  I spoke to Apple help desk and they also failed to understand why O2 can't help, they talked me through un-pairing, resetting my apple watch etc. and we tried to set up as a new watch. Now when I go to 'Finish setting up' my watch watch with Mobile Services I get the following message. "We're setting up your Apple Watch on the O2 network and we'll text you when its all done. If you don't receive a text within 24hours, call 202 for free from your O2 mobile, quoting reference code 08" After speaking to O2 AGAIN they now tell me that the only way it can work is to convert my phone sim to an e-sim my watch can then work off my current number but my phone won't and will have to have its own separate number. How can this be??? surely the whole point of having the phone connected is if I leave my phone at home my watch will still work to send and receive calls etc.

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There is a "hidden" number involved in a cellular-enabled watch/phone setup, @Sheldog - if you search here you will find mention of it in places.

However, the Activate Apple Watch Guide contains the meaning of many of the codes you will encounter, and the escalation path if you are getting no joy out of the phone or shop service agent(s).

It sounds like someone was spinning you a line on the phone - or had got the wrong end of the stick themselves. Take a look at the guide above, each section and the list of known codes and actions. And Search the forum using the search bar up above for key words, sorted by "Date" (at the right side of search results) to get a feel for what has been reported here. Good luck!

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