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Denim/GDR1 for Nokia Lumia - Update

O2 Social Media Team
O2 Social Media Team
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Hi all,

There have many many discussions and comments here on the community about the status of this update. We've also received tweets and Facebook messages - so we know as ever, this is a highly anticipated update that all of you are waiting anxiously to receive. And we can see why - Cortana herself is worthy of an update like this.

We understand waiting for these updates can be frustrating, but with so many Lumia devices out there, it's understandably going to take Microsoft some time to ensure these updates offer a smooth and enjoyable experience for all customers.

15th Jan 2015 Update
Today, we have approved the latest Denim update for the following Lumia models:
520, 620, 625, 720 and 1320

These updates now sit with Microsoft to schedule and launch to customers. Just to ensure you're 100% in the picture here - the testing and approval process for the above devices is now complete on our end. We are in talks with Microsoft to get a more accurate ETA for release and we do still expect this to be this month, but as and when we receive any confirmations or updates i'll be sure to keep everyone updated here.

What about the others?
We understand the frustration if you have a handset other than the 5 mentioned above, but we assure you we'll work as best we can to test and approve other Denim updates as and when they reach us - that is to confirm that we have not yet received updates for any other Lumia (other than those above) to test. Again, i'll keep you updated as and when we receive other updates for testing.

19th Jan 2015 Update
What models are getting the 'full treatment' and which are just OS updates?
For the updates we have approved and sent back to Microsoft so far - that's the 520, 620, 625, 720 and 1320 - these are the newest updates to the Windows Phone operating system. They do not contain the full range of firmware updates such as the camera improvements that Denim is known for.

What updates are you waiting to receive for testing?
Okay... Deep breath! 530, 630, 635, 735, 820, 830, 920, 925, 930, 1020 & 1520

Will those be the full Denim updates?
Mostly yes, with the exception of the 820 & 920 which will receive a similar OS update to the aforementioned models.

When will you get them and when will we get to download it?
We don't currently have any ETA for receiving these from Microsoft but we'll be sure to keep you updated as and when that changes. Once we have approved the updates, we'll send them back to Microsoft to schedule it for release to customers - this typically takes 1-2 weeks after we approve.

Last words
I know waiting for these updates can be frustrating. I'd like to emphasise that we're sorting the testing out as soon as we get updates and sending them back for release - we're absolutely on the ball with these updates and will do everything we can to limit the time it will take for you to receive this, but some of the process is outside our control (eg, the update being scheduled for release to customers) and we'll do all we can to keep you in the loop.

3rd Feb Update
Denim for the 635 and 1520 are out now. Please see below for info relating to the 930 update

We’re trying to get the updates out sooner by streamlining the test and approval process. As a result, we are trusting Microsoft to test the O2 software updates for us and provide the results of the tests for us to approve, rather than us testing it, releasing back, and waiting for it to be pushed. In the case of the Lumia 930, the Cortana issue was missed by Microsoft, so we will be working together to improve the process for future updates.

Microsoft have identified the issue and have fixed it - as a result, the previous 930 update has been put on hold until it's replaced with the fixed update which we hope will go out soon, though no ETA has been provided.

6th Feb Update
Hi all, just a quick update with regards to the fixed 930 update. We've been given the heads up from Microsoft that this is scheduled to start pushing out from 6pm tonight (Friday 6th Feb). If you don't see the update immediately then don't worry - in case their servers are a bit busy, we'd suggest trying again a few hours later should you encounter any issues.


11th Feb Update

Hi everyone, just another update to let you know that the Denim update for the Lumia 925 and 1020 will be going live tonight! I know owners of these devices will be keen to update quickly so please do let us know how you get on.
Other Lumia owners... I know the wait is excruciating but hopefully not long before yours is made live too.

7th March Update

Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that the Denim update for the Lumia 530 and 735 are now available OTA, and this should conclude all O2 devices now having Denim available to them. I know it's been a frustrating wait for many but we've done all we could to streamline the process and we're pleased the updates are now all readily available.

Hi. I'm from the Social Media Team.

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I'm confused by your reply - if its not out in the UK (at least to o2 for testing) then why are MS saying it is


Can you check with MS?



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>why are MS saying it is<


Is it just 'Country Variant' which means the unbranded handsets are getting Denim?


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Out of the carriers only Vodafone has released it for the 625. 

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Hence my confusion as to why 02 are saying none has it... Also even unlocked phone's have to meet network requirements....
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The Nokia 520 country variant is now getting the denim update done my spare 520 this morning
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@captainprice wrote:
The Nokia 520 country variant is now getting the denim update done my spare 520 this morning

Will check mine now.....

I have no affiliation whatsoever with O2 or any subsidiary companies. Comments posted are entirely of my own opinion. This is not Customer Service so we are unable to help with account specific issues.

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I have the Lumia 1020 and have had Denim for a while. I don't have that preview access either.

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My O2 firmware'd 925 runs preview for developers. Extras and info reports it's currently on Cyan but if I turn PFD off then its on Denim slight_smile No idea what's going on but its not an issue. I think PFD updates have moved denim on a bit, a few small tweeks avail that aren't on Denim yet.
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Flashed my O2 branded 930 to Finish country variant (product code 059W0X5) today and Denim d/l sweet as a nut. Had to d/l British English language pack for Cortana to respond to 'Hey Cortana'. Now trying 4K video and the improved camera.


Only possible 'loss' is O2 VVM 

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If o2 say that they have not received Denim, from MS, then it wont be early January, I own a Lumia 630 o2 & don't expect the updates untill February. That's a more realistic view, on my part
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