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Blackberry Curve 9300 PAYG - E-Mail set-up icon not showing

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I deleted all the service books on this phone yesterday in order to deal with an application problem (Blackberry World - Paypal not working) and whilst most of the service books re-loaded and re-established themselves after a hard re-boot (Battery removal) the ones for my E-Mail account didn't.


When the service books had re-loaded I input the PAYG APN on the phone (Because the entry was empty) and re-registered the phone with top-listed GPRS UK number.


When I then looked in the setup Folder, I found that the E-Mail Icon is missing, so I am unable to re-establish my e-mail account as a phonetop app.


Al other services on the phone work OK i.e. voice calls (Outgoing & Incoming), texts, and web access.Whilst I can still access my HTML mail service through the web on this phone, its obviously not as convenient as a phonetop app.


I've already spent half-an-hour on-line waiting for a "Guru" (Meditating in the afterlife perhaps ?) and a further 10 minutes on my landline phone trying to get an answer to this (Diverted to the business technical section who, I was told, couldn't answer a PAYG question).


As the conventional customer service enquiry routes are clearly "Pants", I find myself here.


Any ideas what's causing this problem and how it can be cured ?






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Hi @Anonymous I have no knowledge of Blackberry devices but did a google search.

Not sure if this is of any use? .

Look at Cause 3 The Email Setup icon may not appear when certain BlackBerry device themes are in use....

Then scroll down for a resolution to that problem...

Not sure whether it covers the particular issue but it's the best I can come up with...:smileywink:

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Yeah. Saw that early on, tried, but it wasn't the problem.


I tried something else which appears to have worked partially i.e. I'm getting traffic to and from my html web account. Downside is that whilst the E-Mail icon has now appeared in the setup folder it won't start, so you can't examine/change the E-Mail account provider.


It seems that unless my PAYG account is in the active state as far as the web and e-mail is concerned, which it wasn't on Sunday because the last  purchase of 30 days worth of web and e-mail activity expired months ago, the phone won't demand (Or the server won't supply) the service books for the relevant web and E-Mail services.


So I purchased another month's worth and lo and behold within 2 hours of doing so the relevant service books must have been pushed to the phone 'cause the setup folder then showed the E-Mail set-up icon and E-Mails from the WWW started appearing.


Odd thing was that even with the local wi-fi off, I had been getting 3G web access and E-mails when thge web and e-mail had been deemed inactive i.e. outside the previous purchased period. I guess maybe that O2 has unilaterally changed the tariff since I first bought the phone back in 2011 - Iof reelvance to this supposition is that I  notice that the APN for O2 PAYG phones has changed now from (As my phone was originally set-up on in 2011) to I'll have to research this further - obviously without the "Aid" of the "Gurus".


Still can't get the payment options icon in Blackberry world to work, so I can't download and pay for any apps. Even tried going through BBW on my desktop that worked, up-to-a-point, it allowed me to configure BBW as my phone would see the range of app and  select an app for purchase, it then sent an E-mail to my phone with a link to the app embedded, but when I clicked on the link it went all the way through to the end of the purchase process and then threw out a Paypal error (Not signing in to Paypal). So back to square one.


That's another half-day I won't get back.


Once again, my mobile  "Aid to productivity" has proved to be the complete opposite. Bloody IT industry, seems to be designed exclusively for the states and the rest of the World is a "Take-it-or-leave-it" afterthought.



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